Information on Employment Solicitors

Every employee in any given organisation has some rights in the course of executing their duties to that company. Sometimes these rights are not respected and upheld by the employers as they are required. Hence, if an employee has little knowledge of the rights they deserve from such an organisation, they might end up being mistreated and misused by their employers. This, therefore, calls for a professionally recognised individual or body that can help an employee to understand their rights, and if they are not respected in any way. Moreover, they also stand on behalf of their client before the court of law should the need arise.

Areas protected by employment solicitors

As we all know, the field of law is very diverse and covers almost every behaviour or conduct that governs a particular firm. If we focus on the field of employment law, there are numerous areas that are covered and protected by law solicitors. The following are some of the areas:

Retirement – An employer can decide to give an employee an early retirement because of many reasons including their level of know-how is somehow below what the company expects, or maybe they want to get a fresh mind on board. Employment solicitors are therefore charged with the duty of ensuring that the employer follows the correct procedure when dealing with employee’s retirement.

Breach of contract – It is usual that before an employee is offered a job, they have to agree on several terms and conditions of the contract with the employer. If an employer violates any term of the contract, it is advisable that the employee tries to reach them on a personal level and try to sort things out. If the employer proves to be difficult, they can then hire an employment solicitor to advise and represent them in the court of law.

Discrimination – sometimes, the actions taken by a company can result in discrimination of a particular employee who may feel like they are not best represented or acknowledged. It is the work of solicitors to assist such employees on what to do.

Unfair dismissals – It is a common practice among many employers to surprise their employees with unexpected dismissals. They just decide to end the employee’s contract at their own will. As a good solicitor, it is best if you help that employee to get compensation from such rational decisions of their employers.

Bullying at work – Employers who like to harass their employees at work in any way might find themselves in trouble with the law solicitors because bullying of employees is against the law.