Marketing, what do iOS and Android users prefer?

Online purchases? Now they are almost always done via smartphone. In fact, as evidenced by a marketing research carried out by Idealo , the famous portal on price comparison, the mobile is chosen for orders on e-commerce sites in 58 percent of the cases, against 34.9 percent who prefer the pc and 8.3 percent tablet.

Thus, to meet the needs of users, Idealo has launched the new version of its App that now, among the new features, provides the indication of the cheapest products in the month of navigation and further information on the price trend of a given product. 

The most requested products

In addition, the marketing research carried out by the portal has highlighted the main researches of Android users and iOS users. In the first case the most popular purchase was Dr Martens shoes, followed by Google Home Mini, Google’s assistant. On the podium also the PS4 slip, while immediately after we find another pair of shoes, the Adidas Stan Smith and the video game Fifa 2020.

In the lead in the orders of the iOS users once again stand out the Dr Martens, but the other most searched objects are all Apple products, from AirPods 2 to various iPhone models such as the Xr, X, iPhone 7 and iPhone 6.

Furthermore, the study shows that, if iOS users prefer searching for Apple products, those who use Android tend to concentrate their research at Samsung (in particular the Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy A7, Galaxy A50, Galaxy Note 9) smartphones.

The age of the users

The two operating systems, finally, group two different age groups: if iOS users, in fact, belong above all to the 25 to 34 age group (31.1 percent), for those who choose Android the age range is between 35 and 44 years (30.6 percent). The percentages for men and women, on the other hand, do not differ: the former use Android for 55.9 percent and iOS for 55.6 percent, while women choose Android at 44.1 percent and iOS at 44, 4 percent.